Jumping Stilts Are a New and Exciting Form of Sport

People, who are into extreme sports, are always looking for new and more demanding action, and jumping stilts are one of the new entrants into this sphere. Most of us are already familiar with stilts, and will have probably tried them out in younger days. Walking on stilts always called for a lot of balance and skill, and required a lot of practice, before you could be good at using them.

Jumping stilts are designed in such a way that balancing on them is much easier. They are stilts that have leaf springs made of carbon fiber or fiberglass and have bindings that you use to strap them on. In these types of stilts, the rubber shoe at the bottom of the spring is right below the wearer’s center of gravity, and it thus becomes easy to stand and balance on them. Besides the foot bindings, there is also a cuff or strap that is fastened just below the knee.

The stilts increase your height by about 18 inches and give you a spring in your step. You should walk around for five or ten minutes till you feel used to the movement, and then you can go for a jog or bounce around, depending on what you want to do on them. The world then becomes your trampoline. It can help if you train earlier on a spring mat or a regular trampoline so that you get used to the movements that these devices assist.

Make your initial use of jumping stilts on grass, and make sure you wear safety gear like shin pads, shoulder pads, and helmets. You will then be protected in case you do fall after your initial use of the stilts. There are gyms that can help you to practice the use of these stilts, till you feel confident to go out into the world on them.